Grease Trap Installations & Designs

West Best plumbing & Gas can design, supply and install your grease traps and industrial waste for all your industrial and commercial premises. We have many years experience designing and installing all types of grease traps.

Whether you need the grease trap installed above ground or below ground, our experienced Perth plumbers are ready to get the job done.

A Grease Trap will protect mains sewer from all the oil and fat blocking pipes, it’s a must have for any business in the restaurant or cafe industry. Call West Best Plumbing & Gas for a professional and an affordable rate for the supply and installation of your grease trap or industrial waste.

Before installing your Grease Trap everything must meet compliance. This is a job for a qualified plumber. Incorrect installations will cause greasy wastewater to discharge to the sewer and cause a blockage.

For all your Grease Trap installations, grease trap designs or repairs. Contact your local plumbing experts in Perth WA at West Best Plumbing & Gas.